About Marisa

Marisa is an award winning UK milliner with a passion for design and beautiful detailing. She creates ready to wear hats and headpieces for modern women.

Her inspiration is drawn from sources such as nature, wildlife, art, sculpture and architecture. These initial concepts are fused with current trends when exploring colours, textures and materials.

Established millinery craftsmanship and use of fine fabrics are maintained and combined with modern techniques and materials. This translates into an artistic piece of headwear that is current, whilst retaining a timeless quality.

After completing a wide range of creative courses throughout her life Marisa was drawn towards the art of millinery. She studied Fashion and Textiles at Leeds Arts University where she graduated with Distinction. Her flair for design and attention to detail was recognised when she won a prestigious Feltmakers of London Design Award.

Marisa’s range of ready to wear hats and headpieces are perfect for any occasion where a hat is desired. Whether you are attending a wedding, Royal Ascot or other prestigious events around the world, they make an elegant statement for the outfit to follow.

Her designs have been worn by prestigious Journalists, Fashion Editors and Celebrity Stylists such as Deborah Brett and Gayle Rinkoff, Award Winning Food Writer Jasmine Hemsley and Sports Presenters Aly Vance and Leonna Mayor.