General Information

Hat Sizes and Fit

All hats and headpieces are made with an adjustable elastic in a variety of hair colours. The hat elastic is worn around the back of the head and fits comfortably around the Occipital bone at the base of your head. This is concealed by long or short hair styles. Hats and headpieces are usually designed to tilt slightly forward for a comfortable fit.

If you need to measure your head, place a tape measure approximately one centimeter above the top of your ears and measure around the head keeping the tape measure level. Examples of how to do this correctly can be found online.

A women’s head circumference ranges from approximately 53 to 59 centimeters, although this does vary.

Fully fitting hats with a brim are listed with a head circumference size in centimeters.

Please contact me with your head size and hair colour to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.


Hats can usually be sold online and are very easy to position and fit. Discussions and exchanging colours and outfit details works very well over email. If you would like to try a particular style please contact me to arrange a suitable appointment.

Colour and Fabric

A larger image is available to view on the website to enable a closer look at detail, however please be aware that all screens display colour slightly differently. Small swatches of fabric may be available on request.


All hats should be stored in the box and acid free tissue paper they are posted in.

Should you have any further questions please contact me on: