Royal Ascot 2013

Royal Ascot is renowned for its flamboyant and beautiful hats and this year was no exception. Vogue has created a tranquil little clip of some elegant headwear and moments from the event that really capture the atmosphere and sense of occasion. Click Here To See Vogue’s Day Out At Royal Ascot 2013

What is a Fascinator?

There still seems to be some confusion around what exactly is a Fascinator, especially now that Ascot has banned them from the Royal Enclosure. I am hoping this might shed some light on the subject, although there are always some exceptions to the rule, just to confuse things! I have actually just looked it up (for the spelling mainly, because I never quite remember which way round the s and … Read More →

Lucy McLauchlan

final collection

My final collection back in 2011 was inspired by a Birmingham artist called Lucy McLauchlan. Her work is so intriguing I designed a collection of over twenty pieces, some of which I made for my final collection. She has an incredible way of expressing herself using flowing lines of heavy black paint. The end result is captivating. I painted the swan neck display head for the centre piece in the … Read More →

Trooping the Colour, Queen’s Birthday Celebrations 2013

I thought the queen looked lovely in a blue appliqué lace hat at her official birthday celebrations.  This has to be one of my favourite hats she has worn – I loved the simplicity of it.  The Duchess of Cambridge looked ‘pretty in pink’ at what was her last public appearance before the birth of her baby in July.  

Queen’s Coronation Celebrations

As you would expect, there was a fantastic display of headwear at the Queen’s coronation celebrations. I especially liked Zara Phillip’s Karen Henriksen headpiece and the Duchess of Cambridge looked beautiful in one of her favourite Jane Taylor pieces.